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Da Valentino Pizzeria

Da Valentino Pizzeria Restaurant – Prealpi Hotel.

Completely renovated in terms of equipment and furnishings, the restaurant of the Prealpi Hotel now wears trendy colors and is essential, bright and modern.

In terms of size and vocation, not only as the exclusive restaurant of the Hotel, it has always turned its gaze to the territory, renewing itself over time to meet the needs and demands of the moment. Famous reference for ceremonial lunches and dinners in the past, today a delicious pizzeria-restaurant to be discovered.

The new Pizzeria-Restaurant “Da Valentino”, with its twenty years of experience supported by prestigious diplomas of training and merit, proposes:

  • a wide choice of excellent traditional and “Gourmet” pizzas with daily prepared mixtures of high-quality and soft wheat flour, iodised salt, natural yeast and lots of hydration, even with the “Napolitan” method, which includes a leavening of over 36 hours to guarantee a unique and highly digestible product
  • the “Pala Romana” in five versions, a good-sized rectangular pizza served on a cutting board and placed in the center of the table. Nothing better to share in company!
  • an “à la carte” menu of tasty first courses of Italian cuisine, selected meat dishes and the fillets and ribs of “Limousine” and “Scottona Prussiana”, seasonal side dishes and desserts that will amaze you with their goodness and freshness prepared daily by the talented pastry chef, accompanied by a selected wine list
  • at lunch, in addition to the pizzeria, there is a “Self-Service” counter for a quick but complete “break” at a price that is more than attractive
  • for practical needs of the Hotel we have also agreed on a classic “fixed price” menu, a first course, a second course with side dish, ¼ of wine, ½ of water and coffee, at the cost of Euro 18,00

The kindness and courtesy of the staff that add to the culinary offer, inviting and varied with the menu that changes everyday, give the certainty that the formula of the Pizzeria-Restaurant “Da Valentino” will be appreciated and rewarded.
Enjoy your meal!


For more information visit the restaurants official website: Link