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Food and Wine Tours – “Perenzin Latteria”

PER Food And Wine Tours

PER Percorsi enogastronomici di ricerca visita guidata


PER – “Percorsi Enogastronomici di Ricerca”, a well suited acronym created by Emanuela Perenzin and Carlo Piccoli, owners and managers of the “Perenzin Latteria”, which is expressed in the realization of a dedicated place to the tasting of their cheeses, like the “Capra Ubriaco al Traminer”, the “San Pietro in cera d’api”, the “CASTEL formaggio medievale” and the favolous “Caprini Biologici”, pride of the company, some award-winning in Italian and international competitions, all very good and unique: the result of continuous research and an indomitable passion.

The already modern and functional store of the “Latteria Perenzin” has been reinvented and transformed into a “Boutique shop”, with Cheese Bar and “PER Restaurant”, the latter furnished in natural wood and with an open kitchen to allow the costumers to follow the cooks at work.

A space of taste which includes many others.

Guided tours and tastings are organized on request every day, Sundays included. Feel the scents of freshly made milk, the warmth of the ricotta cheese, the hay of the nearby countryside.

The tasting, an educational and enjoyable experience often led by Emanuela Perenzin herself, is an unexpected discovery. We learn to use the senses by looking, breaking with our hands, sniffing and finally tasting, evaluating the untiement, the consistency, what remains in our mouth, and how we continue to perceive this last sensation …. knowledge, pure knowledge.

The visit of the underground aging/seasoning rooms, where the cheeses slowly mature their maximum expressions, is unmissable.


PER Food And Wine Tours


For further information and for tour reservation, please contact or visit the official website: LINK